BrushGuard® answers your questions

The curved shape of the protector is ideal for ventilation and protects against cross-contamination

Installing the BrushGuard® wall bracket

BrushGuard® in your bathroom drawer

Cleaning BrushGuard® in your dishwasher

How BrushGuard® works

Curved and compact, the shape of the BrushGuard® protector is designed to help quickly dry the toothbrush, avoid contact with the bristles and provide optimal protection against cross-contamination.

The size of the BrushGuard® protector is also ideal for the Rollclip® technology, the patented wheel clamp that ensures the bristles don’t remain soaked in water or touch the case.

Germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and contaminants are found in all bathrooms. The toilet, at each flush, sprays pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli into the air. Other viruses like the flu are spread when sneezing. Fungi and mould are found in bathtubs, showers and around sinks. Spraying cleaning products leave traces of chemicals on surfaces and objects.

Germs spread everywhere, but they prefer warm, moist environments like the bottom of a toothbrush cup, holders, protectors and toothbrush cases.

Cross-contamination occurs when 2 toothbrushes touch each other directly. Toothbrushes placed on the same surface, such as a toothbrush holder or a cup, are also exposed to cross-contamination.

Your toothbrush contains bacteria that come from your mouth, which isn’t a problem. On the other hand, external germs can carry and transmit infectious diseases.

Between brushings, the BrushGuard® protector stops germs from settling on the toothbrush head. The bristles of the brush are protected from germs and other particles that spread throughout the air.

Inside the BrushGuard® protector, the toothbrush head is suspended by a Rollclip® wheel clamp. Unlike ordinary storage cases and protectors, the bristles of the brush do not soak in water or touch the case. The Rollclip® wheel clamp is designed exclusively for BrushGuard®. It is patented in 15 countries.

Wherever it’s convenient! You can install it on the mirror, on the wall, in the cabinet or in a drawer. We suggest installing BrushGuard® on the wall near the sink. It’s up to you!

You can buy BrushGuard® protectors individually or as part of a family pack. The family pack includes 4 BrushGuard® protectors and a compact wall bracket.

Rinse and drain your toothbrush. Then, slide the brush head into the Rollclip® wheel clamp.

Yes. The BrushGuard® protector detaches from the wall mount. You can take the BrushGuard® protector to work and school or while travelling.

It’s easy! Detach the BrushGuard® protector and place it in the dishwasher in the upper basket. The BrushGuard® protector can withstand the washing and sterilizing cycles of your dishwasher.

It can last for many years. You don’t have to throw away the BrushGuard® protector after a few months. It is made of durable and recyclable materials.

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