Choosing the most efficient toothbrush protector against germs and viruses

Did you know that your toothbrush could contain over 200,000 bacteria per square inch? That’s more than a toilet seat, which stands at only 295 bacteria per square inch!

An effective toothbrush protector should not only protect you against these germs, but also prevent the spread of viruses.

How does your toothbrush case compare to the patented BrushGuard® technology?

Optimized ventilation
No contact with bristles
Reduces virus growth
High temperature, dishwasher safe
Equipped with Rollclip®
Designed for all toothbrushes, including electric
Durable (lasts for many years)
Choc resistant
Attractive design
Compatible with the SteriZone® system

Ultra-simple use and installation

Install BrushGuard® on the wall. A wall bracket comes with each case.

Install BrushGuard® inside the bathroom cabinet.

For optimal access, install BrushGuard® in the drawer.

BrushGuard®: More than a holder, it’s hygienic technology!

The curved shape of the protector is ideal for ventilation and protects against cross-contamination

BrushGuard®, the family bathroom’s super protector

BrushGuard® in more than 80 childcare centres and daycares throughout Quebec

Installing the BrushGuard® wall bracket

BrushGuard® in your bathroom drawer

Cleaning BrushGuard® in your dishwasher

How BrushGuard® works

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