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Taking care of our dental health is very important. Healthy teeth and gums are indications of good health in general. It is important to incorporate a routine that best suits our dental needs. With technology making advancements, we have now a range of amazing affordable dental products in the market that can make this routine fun!

Here are five products that can elevate your brushing experience:

Electric Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are an essential part of our daily oral hygiene. Brushing our teeth daily can minimize the chances of getting tooth decay or gum diseases. It is very important to brush twice a day to have healthy dental health.   

Studies have found that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes do the cleaning for you instead of you having to move a manual toothbrush back and forth across your teeth. They are not only easy to use but can also make brushing fun.

electronic toothbrush

Technological advancements today have made it possible for electric toothbrushes to have features such as Bluetooth connectivity and digital reminders. You can even use timers on your toothbrush to keep track of how long you brush each quadrant of your mouth. You can enjoy very consumer-friendly design features such as:

  • Changeable bristles
  • Different cleaning Modes
  • Oscillating Motion
  • Chargeable with a long-lasting battery

They are best suited for children, people with arthritis and other conditions with affect the movement in their hands. Although more expensive, electric toothbrushes are the perfect addition to your dental kits.

Oral irrigators

Oral irrigators can be a game-changer in your dental routine. They shoot a heavy stream of high-pressure water that cleans any food particle or plaque stuck in between your teeth. They are easier to use than floss as you do not need a technique to use them.

electric oral irrigators

We all know how difficult flossing can be, especially for someone with sensitive gums for diabetes. Oral irrigators can benefit them. People with braces and other orthodontic devices who use an oral irrigator are likely to have five times less plaque than normal brushing thus, fewer chances of a cavity.

Oral irrigators have been proven to:

  • Remove gum bacteria that cause gum diseases
  • Improve bad breath
  • Prevent gum bleeding
  • Remove plaque and debris effectively from your teeth
  • Prevent Gingivitis
  • Cover more surface area than a toothbrush or a floss

There are several factors to consider while purchasing an oral irrigator. You can buy a cordless irrigator if you are someone who prefers them to be portable. Then, there are also cost-efficient irrigators present which have replaceable tips. They can be used by different family members.

Toothbrush Protectors

Toothbrushes aren't cheap. Especially, electric toothbrushes. Even though one should change their toothbrushes every 3 months, they are still susceptible to germs and bacteria.

Did you know that an average toothbrush contains about a million disease-causing bacteria? There are chances of cross-contamination from other toothbrushes in the holder. Then, of course, airborne germs are ever-present because of the humid environment in our bathrooms. Bacteria thrives the most in moist environments. But we rarely give any thought to it.

Brush protectors from BrushGuard keep your toothbrushes dry and germ-free. They guard your and your family’s toothbrushes against cross-contamination, bacteria, viruses, mould, chemical pollutants, and airborne pathogens. BrushGuards allow sanitary storage for all types of manual and electric brushes.

If you are looking for cool and quirky electric toothbrush protectors for your kids, then you should definitely check out BrushGuard’s Under the Sea range, which can make brushing teeth fun for kids of all ages!

Teeth Whitening Strips

What makes a smile beautiful? Healthy, white teeth if you ask us. Teeth whitening strips help you achieve just that.

teeth whitening strips

Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and just ageing, as well as certain medications, can discolour our teeth over time. A teeth whitening treatment at a doctor’s office can cost you a fortune. But thanks to technology, we now have safe to use over-the-counter whitening kits in the market. With so many options present in the market today, you can find a kit that best meets your needs.

Teeth-whitening strips are one of the most popular techniques to whiten teeth. These are made of a thin, flexible plastic that has been loaded with a low concentration of bleach. They work within thirty minutes.

You can use them before a date, or going to a party. Or do you have an important meeting where you have to be your best self? These strips can give you a confidence boost with a dazzling white smile. They can be used every day to achieve long-lasting results.

Organic Mouthwash

People think mouthwashes are only good for achieving fresh breath. But that's far from the truth. Studies have shown that adding a mouthwash to your daily dental care routine can help you achieve a healthy set of gums. Let us explain why it's so critical for your oral – and overall – health.

 Mouthwash can reach places where a toothbrush can't. It can eradicate bacteria in your mouth, strengthen your teeth, and keep your gums healthy. Using a mouthwash daily can also kill bacteria that cause gingivitis, and improve your health.

 The reach here is, that a lot of mouthwashes in the market today contain alcohol and other substances that can be detrimental to your health in general. Therefore, you should add an organic mouthwash to your dental kit. They are made from natural ingredients and barely dry out your mouth. Free from parabens, it safely kills germs and fights bad breath.