Oral Care habits for a Better Smile

woman smiling at the mirror

Your smile is your first impression on anyone you meet. All of us want to flaunt the best smile and thus keep looking for ways to get beautiful bright teeth. Maintaining oral hygiene is also quintessential to ensure overall health. A healthy oral routine helps to avoid dental problems.

Here are the oral care habits that can help you get a beautiful smile:

Oral Care Tip #1 - Do not skip the night brushing routine

The information that we must brush twice a day is not new. However, most of us ignore this recommendation and brush only in the morning. The food that accumulates on our teeth throughout the day attracts germs in the night and thus one must never skip the night brushing routine. This practice prevents the buildup of plaque and helps to get a sparkling smile. It also prevents cavities.

Oral Care Tip #2 - Follow the proper brushing technique

Only brushing twice a day is not enough. You must also follow the proper technique. You must move the brush gently in circular motions to remove any buildup. Unremoved buildup can harden and cause yellowing of teeth and gum disease.

Oral Care Tip #3 - Remember to clean the tongue

This is a lesser-known fact that plaque build-up can also happen on the tongue. This causes many health issues apart from causing the mouth to smell bad. Remember to clean the tongue gently with a toothbrush each time after brushing the teeth. Do not use hard tongue cleaners or you will hurt your tongue.

Oral Care Tip #4 - Fluoridated toothpaste to the rescue

 When choosing toothpaste, do not just opt for a preferred flavor. Also, check the ingredient list and make sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride. You must also use fluoridated toothpaste for children as soon as their first tooth erupts. While the impact of fluoride on health has been a topic of concern, remember that you need to use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and avoid ingesting it. It is a very important ingredient that ensures oral health because it prevents tooth decay by fighting germs and creating a protective barrier for the teeth.

Oral Care Tip #5 - Do not forget to floss

Flossing is neglected in most oral routines. Contrary to popular understanding, it is not just for removing pesky particles stuck between the teeth. Flossing stimulates gums, controls plaque, and helps to reduce gum inflammation. Following the flossing practice at least once a day will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Flossing may seem like a hassle, but do not give up. You can look for ready-to-use flossers or water flossers to make it easier for you.

Oral Care Tip #6 - Consider using a mouthwash

Most people don’t use mouthwash because it seems like an unnecessary chemical. However, dentists recommend using a mouth wash for three major benefits. Mouthwash helps to reduce the amount of acid in the mouth, reaches the areas where the brush doesn’t reach, and re-mineralizes teeth. It is especially useful for old people and children who do not brush and floss properly. You can seek mouthwash recommendations from your dentist based on age and tooth sensitivity.

person using mouthwash

Oral Care Tip #7 - Save your toothbrush from cross-contamination and airborne germs

A toothbrush protector holder is a great way to save your toothbrush from airborne germs. It helps to save the toothbrush from cross-contamination and is good for your overall health. You can find a wide variety of dentist-approved and designed toothbrush protectors here.

Oral Care Tip #8 - Increase your water intake

Drinking water helps to wash out sticky foods from the teeth and also reverses the negative effects of sugary beverages on the teeth.

Oral Care Tip #9 - Reduce the consumption of sugary and acidic foods

Sugary and acidic foods rapidly erode the tooth enamel. The acid generated due to sugar also causes cavities. It is ideal to reduce the consumption of acidic fruits and beverages such as tea and coffee as they harm the tooth enamel. You do not need to cut the consumption completely but reduce the intake.

Oral Care Tip #10 - Fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetables are good for the gut as well as dental health

Fresh and crunchy vegetables and fruits are very good for overall health but especially benefit your dental health. Stay clear of ready-to-eat food and mushy stuff as they are convenient but do not do much for your teeth.

Oral Care Tip #11 - Do not skip the dentist visits

While your dental health is determined by your everyday habits, you must see a dentist regularly. Go for checkups and professional cleaning at least twice a year. The dentist will keep an eye for cavities and other potential dental problems and help you with ways to prevent them. Check the dental coverage that your insurance company offers and be regular with your checkups. You must take extra care if you have a history of gum and tooth issues.

Oral Care Tip #12 - Do not be too aggressive with brushing

You may think that only rigorous brushing will help to stay clear of plaque but it will only wear off your tooth enamel rapidly. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and do not be too aggressive.

Oral Care Tip #13 - Stay clear of smoking

Apart from adversely impacting immunity, smoking also poses the risk of gum disease. It discolors the teeth and also contributes to a bad odor from the mouth.Top of Form

Oral hygiene is very important to ensure overall health. Follow the above steps and also keep an eye for dental issues such as cavities, discoloration, or bleeding from gums.

It is also important to change your toothbrush every 3 months and keep it safe from outside germs. Investing in a good toothbrush protector is a great way to ensure dental hygiene. Cool toothbrush protector holders also motivate children to brush their teeth regularly.

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