Personalize Your Healthcare Kits

woman flossing after bath

One thing we all love is giving a personal touch to everything we own. Be it decorating our houses a certain way or buying certain accessories for our car, it’s all personalised.

But when it comes to things we use for our dental care, we’re often negligent. Normally, you use a certain toothpaste for years only because you have been doing so, and never question if it’s any good or could it get better. The same is the case with a toothbrush.

dental care concept

Even when we travel, we often forget to take our toothpaste and end up either buying any available at the location or using the one in hotels. It’s not wise to change your toothpaste constantly, particularly if you travel a lot.

In this article, we’ll look at some must-haves for your dental healthcare kit and how you can personalise them.

Getting the right Toothbrush

More often than not, we pick our toothbrush in the supermarket and purchase it without giving it a conscious thought. The toothbrush is often of very standard quality and not very effective. That is because each of us needs a different toothbrush, for different needs.

First of all, it's the size of the toothbrush that matters. Regular toothbrushes have a medium-sized head, while it fits okay for most people, it fails to provide optimum cleaning. A toothbrush with a smaller head, on the other hand, covers more area of the mouth than any other. So, if you don’t wanna spend too much time thinking, getting a toothbrush with a small head is the least you can do to receive better cleaning.

Secondly, the bristles of the toothbrush make the difference. Regular toothbrushes, mostly of sub-par quality, have rough bristles that are hard on the teeth and poky on the gums. What you should be purchasing are toothbrushes with soft bristles. They are gentle on your teeth and tend to not harm your gums or exposed nerves. If that’s not enough, and if you have sensitivity issues, you can get sensitive toothbrushes that have ultra-soft bristles meant for sensitive teeth.

If you’re certain of having an effective dental care kit, it’s always better to get an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes, unlike regular toothbrushes, are gentle on the teeth and maintain proper pressure and at the same time come with different vibration settings to suit any individual needs. Adding an electric toothbrush to your dental health kit is a no-brainer, and will serve you very well in the long run.

As someone who cares about the environment, you can get yourself a bamboo toothbrush that’s ecofriendly. In whatever little way possible, you will be contributing your share in saving the environment.

Let's talk about toothpaste

Are you using the same toothpaste for years without knowing why you purchased it for the first time, well you’re not alone!

There are a hundred types of toothpaste in the market; different brands, different properties. But when you boil it down, it’s not difficult to categorise the toothpaste into types that make sense.

To start with, get a toothpaste that's gentle on your mouth. If you wish to have a refreshing effect in the morning, you can purchase a toothpaste that contains cooling crystals. However, they aren’t compatible with every tooth type, sensitive teeth, in particular, get a burning sensation when in contact with the toothpaste. In that case, it’s advised to use sensitive toothpaste. And to round it all up, you can add a whiting toothpaste to your kit. Whitening toothpaste helps reduce the superficial stains on the teeth and gives them an attractive shine.

Lastly, whatever toothpaste you buy, be sure to check if it contains fluoride, a compound that protects you against tooth decay.

Get a Mouthwash

woman using a mouth wash

No matter how rigorously you brush, there are still corners of your mouth that are left untouched. It’s understandable as no toothbrush can cover the entire area of your teeth. Getting a mouthwash, therefore, is incredibly important.

A mouthwash reaches all the areas of your mouth and provides a complete cleaning and protection against bacteria. One suggestion, however, is to not use a mouthwash containing alcohol, as it tends to dry the mouth making it prone to acid attacks.

Regular floss is ancient

All of us are familiar with floss, and many do it on a regular basis. But sometimes, no matter how good you are with the technique, you hurt your teeth or gums. It's because flossing in itself is hard and naturally unenjoyable.

But that’s not something to stop you from flossing. Get yourself a water flosser and you’ll never complain about flossing. It might just be the best addition to your dental kit.

Tongue Scraper: Don’t Forget Me

We often make sure to clean our teeth but are ignorant when it comes to our tongues. Though most toothbrushes in the market have a scraper in the back, we rarely use it.

Not scraping can lead to the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue and can result in a bad odour. Nobody wants that. Add a tongue scraper to your dental kit, and you won’t forget scraping next time you brush your teeth.

Your toothbrush needs a protector

toothbrush protector

Cross-contamination or washroom flushes can infect your toothbrush with bacteria that cause tooth decay. Get your toothbrush a toothbrush protector; such as the BrushGurard toothbrush protector that isolates your toothbrush from any foreign bacteria by keeping it safe in a compact housing. To add to your personalisation, you have the liberty to choose from various bright and colourful characters, many of whom might already be your favourites.

Get a travel kit

A dental kit at home can be perfect, but it demands some space that can’t always be allowed when travelling. You don’t need to separately buy every item for your travel kit either.

Get a travel kit, one that fits your travel bag, add to it: mini toothpaste, a regular floss, a tongue scraper and a toothbrush protector. Your toothbrush doesn't need a replacement, and mostly neither does your mouthwash.

With that set, you have the perfect kit for your dental care, that’s most importantly personalised for your needs.