Toothbrush holders designed for childcare centres

Enfants et éducatrices discutent du brossage des dents en cpe et garderies

Why use the BrushGuard storage system

Toothbrushing has become a real headache when it comes to respecting good hygiene practices in a childcare centres. Toothbrushes that touch or drip on each other represent a significant risk of cross-contamination for children and educational staff in childcare centres.

Since the pandemic, the additional sanitation measures and the difficulty in enforcing good hygiene practices have discouraged many childcare centres, to the point where brushing teeth has simply been eliminated from the children's daily hygiene routine.

However, it's easy to apply good hygiene habits with the BrushGuard storage system and its hygiene protocol. The system meets all the requirements of the Ministère de la Santé du Québec to protect against cross-contamination and prevent the spread of infections, germs and viruses through toothbrushes.

BrushGuards are installed in minutes with the Stéri Zone Wall Mount. The BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and reduces cleaning time compared to other toothbrush holders.

Plus, kids love using the BrushGuard. An additional benefit that turns brushing teeth into a fun and stimulating activity!

What is the Supervised Toothbrushing Program

Toothbrushing is an inexpensive, proven and recognized cavity prevention activity. Children who are exposed to this healthy hygiene habit early in life will benefit from it throughout their lives.

The Ministère de la Santé du Québec has compiled successful practices from across Canada and internationally in the Supervised Toothbrushing Program in Childcare Centres, Preschools and Elementary Schools.

The BrushGuard storage system and hygiene protocol are developed in accordance with the guiding principles and objectives of this program.

Document number : 19-231-06W
Sections : 5.4 et 5.5

Download the Program pdf file (French only)

How to use the BrushGuard storage system in childcare centres

The BrushGuard storage system consists of the following components:

  • One BrushGuard per child
  • One rotating-cleaning set per facility

Groupe 5 BrushGuard, porte-brosses à dents supplémentaires et plateaux de rangement

In childcare centres, BrushGuards are gathered in groups of 5 units. This size of group is easy to install in the available space near the sink. Multiple groups of 5 units can be installed in a row.

The position of each toothbrush is identified above each protector with a personalized image or simply by writing the child's first name.

By affixing the child's ID to the wall mount rather than the protective case, BrushGuards are swappable. During the rotating-cleaning process, individual cases can be reinstalled in any position, without wasting time and without the risk of misplacing them.

To avoid cross-contamination that can occur when handling the individual cases and toothbrushes, the BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol defines the rules to be followed during cleaning. The protocol is using a rotating-cleaning set that ensures the replacement of the brush holders according to the good practices recommended by the Ministère de la Santé du Québec.

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Des enfants rangent leur brosse à dents dans un support mural BrushGuard

The BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol

The BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol defines the rotating-cleaning of the BrushGuards in 8 steps (see below).

By using the rotating-cleaning set and following every step of the hygiene protocol, toothbrushes can never touch the cases to be cleaned, or touch the other children's brushes.

Finally, at each rotating-cleaning, the cleaning date is recorded on the cleaning log. The cleaning log is included free of charge with the rotating-cleaning set. A cleaning log is provided for each room where the BrushGuards are installed.

Download the Hygiene Protocol pdf file

8-Step Rotating-Cleaning

1. Remove the BrushGuard with the toothbrush in.

Détacher le porte-brosse avec la brosse à dents

2. Take a clean BrushGuard from the tray marked with a green stripe.

Prendre un BrushGuard dans le plateau vert

3. Place the clean BrushGuard on the Stéri Zone.

Placer le BrushGuard propre sur la Stéri Zone

4. Place the toothbrush back into the clean BrushGuard, bristles facing the wall.

Ranger la brosse à dents dans le porte-brosse

5. Put the BrushGuard to be cleaned in the tray marked with a red stripe.

Placer le BrushGuard à nettoyer dans le plateau rouge

6. After replacing all BrushGuards on the Stéri Zone, record the cleaning date on the cleaning log.

 Noter la date de rotation-nettoyage sur le registre

7. Wash the BrushGuards of the red tray in the dishwasher, on a peg or in a glass rack. Allow BrushGuards to dry completely.

 Laver les porte-brosse au lave-vaisselle

8. Place the clean and dry BrushGuards in the tray marked with a green stripe.

 Sécher les BrushGuard et les ranger dans le plateau vert