Easy as 1 2 3

A simple change towards a healthy lifestyle

Sometimes the immune system needs a break. Hygienic toothbrush storage prevents cross-contamination and the spread of germs, which helps relieve the stress on the immune system.

BrushGuard is easy to integrate into your brushing routine. Simply:

  1. Rinse the brush
  2. Shake to remove excess water from bristles
  3. Store in the protector

The BrushGuard allows the brush to dry in a ventilated housing, safe from contamination by other brushes and airborne germs. The BrushGuard is made of non-allergenic materials that are resistant to bacteria, mold and other microorganisms found in bathrooms.

Using BrushGuard to keep your family's toothbrushes clean and dry is a small action that can make a big difference!