Avoid Germs with Charcoal Black Personalized Toothbrush Protector

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Shield your toothbrush from germs with the BrushGuard charcoal black personalized toothbrush protector. Not only does this design keep your toothbrush clean, but it looks sleek and elegant in storage, too.

Customize your BrushGuard by having your first name engraved on it.

Thanks to our ultra-resistant printing method, your name will remain clear and visible on your personalized charcoal black manual and electric toothbrush protector holder for many years to come.

BrushGuard Color: Charcoal Black

What makes BrushGuard so unique?

BrushGuard shields your toothbrush from cross-contamination and germs found in the bathroom. Dental health professionals designed it for optimal protection and function. It has the following features:

  • A compact, dishwasher-safe form
  • Compatible with all manual and electronic toothbrushes
  • Long-lasting since it’s made from sturdy materials
  • Recyclable

The custom charcoal black electric toothbrush head protector is also detachable so that you can bring it on the go.

Note: The BrushGuard is not suitable for denture brushes.

Stéri Zone Multi-Surface

You don’t have to worry about installation with the charcoal black toothbrush protector. BrushGuard has a flexible wall mount that sticks to any surface as long as it’s smooth.

If needed, you can reposition the custom toothbrush protector, thanks to its special adhesive membrane.

The Stéri Zone’s hologram design reflects the surrounding colors, allowing the toothbrush guard to blend with your bathroom aesthetic.


  1. Choose the location of the Stéri Zone. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and dust-free.
  2. Remove the backing paper.
  3. Apply the Stéri Zone by pressing lightly over the entire surface.
  4. Install the BrushGuard.

Why BrushGuard

Functional and durable design

BrushGuard products are designed by dental professionals to provide effective hygienic storage solutions you can use for years to come.

BrushGuard Guarantee
Products made in Canada

Novalab designs and manufactures BrushGuard products in Canada. For any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

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