Rotating-Cleaning Set With 12 BrushGuards

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The Rotating-Cleaning Set enables the application of the BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol in accordance with the recommendations of the Minsitère de la Santé.

To learn more about good hygiene habits in childcare centres, click here 

IMPORTANT: One Rotating-Cleaning Set is required per each facility.

The Rotating-Cleaning Set includes:

  • 12 additional BrushGuards
  • 1 tray (green stripe) for clean protectors
  • 1 tray (red stripe) for protectors to be cleaned
  • Cleaning logs and dry markers

Customer Service will contact you by email or phone to take note the number of cleaning registers required for your facility. The registers and markers are provided free of charge with the purchase of the Rotating-Cleaning Set.

Installation and cleaning instructions are explained in the BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol.

Download the BrushGuard Hygiene Protocol

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